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Cedervej 7A, DK-8642 Harlev J


Phone: + 45 86 22 99 86

Email: info@ifsc.dk

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Welcome to Texcellent A/S

Texcellent supplies conventional, natural and organic antioxidants.


In order to protect the food and cosmetic products we have designed conventional, natural as well as organic antioxidants blends.

We have four categories of antioxidants:

  • Conventional Antioxidants

  • Natural Antioxidants

  • Organic Antioxidants

  • Synergistic Antioxidant Blends

Texcellent is a world-renowned Danish research and development centre. We continuously strive for innovation and bring to you new products.

Texcellent refine the best ingredients from nature to provide the purest quality for your products.

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